Richard Hyde – artist & photographer

I have spent 25 years delivering digital learning to global organisations with a vision to promote creative innovation in learning design and see behaviour changing impact at the highest levels.

I’ve had successes over the years, including industry awards for learning design and technical innovation. But breakthrough creativity has often been stifled as many organisations have their hands tied by brand, corporate language and cultural glass ceilings such that creativity is often seen as an unnecessary risk to their reputation. For me this has been a source of frustration as some of the best ideas – that stood to make the most impact – have been rubbed out before realisation.

To redress this I’ve filled my personal life with creative interests that have been lacking in my work life. I am a lifelong photographer, digital experimenter, guitarist, poetry writer and reader of works on creativity.

In 2017 I enrolled on an Access to Art & Design course at Nottingham Art College. This has been an invigorating experience, particularly as the freedom of personal expression is exactly what I’ve been looking for to take my creative journey further. In September 2018 I will begin a Fine Art degree at Nottingham College to consolidate my skills and hopefully fulfil my dream of becoming a full time artist.