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We see a horizontal trace of a commuter journey from an urban environment to the countryside that is stripped back to show only colour, line and light. The journey is shown as a series of snapshots on 18 semi-transparent Perspex panels with each panel showing a hand-drawn trace of the skyline. Each panel is coloured with the extracted dominant hue taken from a photograph at each location of the journey. The sequence is lit from behind by a strip of light that reflects through the overlapping sheets to create a mix of colour combinations where the panels overlap. This light source sits centrally in the scene as if it has arrived at a specific location and is currently stationary. This is enhanced by the panels overlapping more towards the middle of the sequence – which gives a subtle indication that time has slowed down where the light source currently sits. The outcome has an overall sense of calm and prompts us to take pleasure in every journey no matter how mundane it becomes following endless repetition. The impatient consciousness of western society flits between the past and future and neglects the present and has lost the power of reflection and beauty of focussing on the ‘now’. This outcome aims to illuminate the empowerment of taking control of the present moment in our path through life and the harmony with the environment and more importantly oneself that can result.

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