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Creative Community comeback – online discussion

I attended this online presentation which looked at the implications of Covid-19 on the creative community in Derby with an ...
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Art terminology quiz

The terminology in and around the art world can be a bit overwhelming - art movements, techniques, artists, philosophies, etc, ...
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Final outcome & evaluation

Statement Richard HydeIt was quite a noisy night, 2020Ink and milk on paper Traumatic experiences impact the human brain in ...
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Hand drawn backdrops & a video story

Hand drawn backdrops A couple of experiments were made with hand drawn backdrops of the bomb site map. On the ...
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A simpler backdrop & hanging the drawings

A simpler backdrop The previous backdrop for the drawings was too dominant so in this version I have removed the ...
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Final major project references

Below is a list of all references used on my final major project 2020. What Everyone Gets Wrong Drawing Hands ...
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Final ink drawings & background ideas

A final set of ink drawing has been created over two days. Detail, quality and consistency were very much in ...
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Evaluating arrangements of the ink drawings

Before commencing on the final set of ink drawings it was important to consider the layout of the whole set ...
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Fine tuning the ink drawings

After much deliberation and peer review of the last set of drawings I have made some adjustments to my proposed ...
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Installation options & ink drawing production

I have settled on the outcome for this project being multiples of ink drawings on paper squares impregnated with burnt ...
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