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Crit: 26th November

A fascinating crit with Julian led down many avenues of how to push the project further and reconsider the works of previous philosophers I’ve looked at in terms of the ultimate meaning of language, its interpretation and how meaning morphs over time. Many options for presentation were discussed, as we see below.

Presentation of my previous photographic work has been in a standard white wall exhibition format but we both agreed that this piece deserved more. So the discussion centred around “How many ways can we present a photograph?”. As I look over the many options listed above my mind refers back to how each presentation would impact the language. We need to remember that the signifiers within this language have persisted over time but the signified have been deflected. These words now paint new pictures – less potent, absurd, entertaining or otherwise. It is the essence of this that I want any presentation to enhance.

The options that spring out as worthy of experimentation are pixelation (to blur a memory), multiples (to repeatedly recall a memory) and to introduce an extra artefact from the past (to introduce a narrative that compares language to a physical object). The latter of these is particularly interesting as it may allow us to compare how our memories attached to language and physical objects differs. I’ll crack on and investigate all of these.

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