Living exhibition, Leeds

I managed to get up to Leeds for the Living Exhibition into which I’d entered one of my photographs. The exhibition stipulated that submissions should summarise what it meant to be alive in 2019, in black and white. A difficult brief but I chose the image below which was taken at a festival in Spain […]

Looser sketching style

I’ve been sketching people and objects in cafes and bars for about 3 years now and have seen a significant improvement but like many artists out there I still long for a looser style that is less about replicating real life and more about capturing the essence of a moment. The more I learn about […]

Emulsion transfer workshop

I recently ran my first art workshop up in Sheffield. I’ve run many IT training courses in the past but this was a different type of challenge. The workshop arose through a contact I made at the Wirksworth festival back in September. One of the visitors, Jo, was involved with a printing group up in […]

Sketching progress

It’s fascinating to put together a timeline of your work in one medium to give a sense of how you are progressing. This is particularly useful if you’re experiencing a creative block or negative thoughts about your ability. Below I’ve put together a timeline of my ‘cafe sketches’ over the past two years (oldest to […]

Abstracting the natural world

For my final set of emulsion prints for Wirksworth Festival this year I was looking for something a little more abstract than the existing set. Much as I’ve enjoyed slightly manipulating my own photographs in terms of colour and perspective it was now time to push things a little further. So in the triptych below […]

THiNK submission

I had a good talk with the curator at the fantastic creative space THiNK in Nottingham a few months ago and she asked me to consider putting in for the summer open exhibition. It sounded like a great opportunity as the gallery gets good foot fall due to them hiring out their rooms for corporate […]

Emulsion transfer – a learning curve

I took it upon myself to perfect emulsion transfer of photocopied images onto canvas a few weeks ago. This is a technique we learnt at college and it immediately struck me as having great potential. I particularly like the way that the results are unpredictable, individual and have a nice retro aesthetic. However, previous attempts […]