Digital mock ups, drawing size, milk painting style & drawing hanging

Digital drawing ideas Adobe Illustrator was used to create mock ups for the ink drawings. The source material was my mother’s family photo archive and images were vectorised and black and white to get an impression of how they would look as ink drawings. The aim was to reduce the definition sufficiently so that individuals […]

Gaining inspiration from Christian Boltanski & Ilya Kabakov

I have studied these two artists previously as their work has parallels with the quality of outcome I am hoping to attain. They both create immersive temple-like installations that have a spiritual component and their themes are often dark and based on their own memories. I need to dig deeper into what drives these two […]

Further experiment – ink drawings on burnt milk paper

The previous experiments resulted in a successful drawing style of fine liner cartoon drawings on paper burnt with milk that was looking promising as a medium and style for my final outcome. It mixed context with humour that was approaching a level of visual interest I was very happy with. The conclusion was that I […]

Experiments – hand sculpture & cartoon strip

The last piece of research identified two potential directions for my FMP outcome. After sharing those ideas and receiving feedback, I decided to carry out two separate experiments to take each forward and determine which would create a more fruitful outcome: A large arm and hand sculpture – a potential outcome that would be on […]

Consolidation of research – bomb catcher or Cranswick Shroud

This post is a consolidation of research carried out on relevant artists and an investigation into the deeper meaning of deconstruction as an artistic process. My goal now is to define a final outcome that incorporates a more philosophical concept of memory and blurs truth and fiction and (as we wrote previously) gives ‘what has […]

Research on deconstruction as an artistic strategy

In its simplest sense deconstruction as an artistic strategy involves breaking an object down into smaller parts. However, at a deeper level Jacques Derrida (Willette, 2014) talks of things (text, institutions, traditions, societies, beliefs and practices) as not having definable meanings and that they always exceed the boundaries they currently occupy. He talks of deconstruction […]

Experiments with a human papier-mâché form

The previous research on papier-mâché artists gave inspiration to create a human form (or body part) to experiment with adding it to the installation. The concept behind this was to add an emotive quality that lifted the installation from being a static presentation of fact to a dynamic experience of human suffering. I created a […]